Below we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we encourage you to read before applying.


Q 1: How do I schedule a tour to see the space?

A 1: Email and our community manager will send you a scheduling link to book your day and time. Tours are done on M/W/F

Q 2: What are the hours of the space?

A 2: M-F 9am - 6pm and weekends per request 

Q 3: What if I need after hours access? 

A 3: We suggest that you get the full time-preneur membership for complete access to the space

Q 4: What's the difference between the part-time preneur membership and full-time preneur?

A 4: The Part Time grants you access to the space 2 days a week one event in the space every 6 months.  The Full Time-preneur grants you complete access to the space, a reserved hot desk, a mail box and you are able to use the space to do 4 events a year. 

Q 5:  Do you require a deposit?

A 5: Yes, once you register for membership online you will automatically be charged with a deposit of one month in advance and the prorate of the month given your start date. 

Q 6: How will I be billed?

A 6: You will be billed once a month via draft on the day that you registered for membership

Q 7: Lease terms 

A 7: Membership agreements have a mandatory 3 month agreement. If you so choose to cancel your membership, deposits are not refundable and you must cancel 30 days in advance. 

Q 8: Parking?

A 8: There is complimentary parking for our members and paid parking on Auburn Avenue and Jesse Hill. Also, all parking is free on Sundays. 

Q 9: What is required to host an event at Open For Business?

A 9: The event must fall within the guidelines of being positive and progressive to the space, you will book our packages directly online and then a representative will call to follow up and discuss details. 

Q 10: What is included in the space for events?

Chairs, tables and wifi

Q 11: Are there any additional fees for monthly membership plans? 

A 11: City of Atlanta tax is 8% (this is added to your membership monthly plan)


Please contact us if you have additional questions - we can't wait for you to join our community!

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