Leaving your job and becoming an entrepreneur full time. 
Having issues with your business and needing someone to turn to for advice. 
Resolving to get your business to the next level.

What do these instances have in common? They require a shoulder to lean on, a sister to cry to, a mentor to brainstorm with, a cheering squad to root you on,  a business bestie for motivation. And, most importantly, anyone who attempts the word of entrepreneurship will know that its NOT a one a one woman job and constantly finds themselves pushing her further. This fall, Open For Business coworking space (located in Atlanta)  is launching a women’s initiative — called #PushHerFurther — to inspire women to work in collaborative purpose and mindset while conquering their business goals. 


It’s a call to action to share, promote and embrace women in business for 100 Days in 100 Ways. With this rallying cry, Open For Business Coworking invites the local community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups to not only pushthemselves further but women around them. #PushHerFurther offers women in business collective inspiration to reach new heights and a place to share their experience, digitally and physically. For more information visit www.openforbusiness.space


“Every entrepreneur has goals. As a woman entrepreneur you have goals, life, and wellness to balance. And Open For Business is the link between you and your aspirations,” says Nicole Garner Scott, Founder/ CEO of Open For Business Coworking and 100 Female Entrepreneurs. “We provide more than encouragement – with initiatives like #PushHerFurther, Open For Business provides the resources, tools, community and a location for women to expand their personal entrepreneurial potential.”

As Nicole Garner Scott explains, #PushHerFurther is a process, not a solo moment of victory. Both the race and the win are built upon a foundation of hundreds of #PushHerFurther moments, women helping women to continuously shatter glass ceiling and move the needle across the board. 

The campaign is headlined by a series of events, social campaigns, digital sessions, and short films debuting throughout the span of 100 days from September 2016 - November 2016. The initiative harnesses the bold voice of women today and addresses the dynamic world of entrepreneurism. #PushHerFurther encourages female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups around the world to share their personal #PushHerFurther mission.

The #PushHerFurther movement includes insights from top entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs who embody #PushHerFurther, show through their collaborative mentality and accomplishments that we get further together. 

“As entrepreneurs, we always want things to happen right away,” says Tiara Johnson (Open For Business, Managing Partner). “We want to put in the work and then we want to see the immediate results. But what’s important is looking at the full journey, the process, and taking the joy from that — even the ups and the downs. That’s what makes it all worth it and it is so much better when you don’t have to do it alone. This is what #PushHerFurther is all about.

Join Open For Business Coworking and female entrepreneurs everywhere as we join together to #PushHerFurther. Competition is an outdated model, to make it in today's business landscape it requires a collaborative mindset. If you’re brave enough to go after your dreams, you’re strong enough to help those around you do the same. For more information on #PushHerFurther visit www.OpenForBusiness.Space/PushHerFurther and to join the conversation follow T/IG: @OpenForBusiness #PushHerFurther

1. Spread the word on your #PushHerFurther acts as you pay it forward. Whenever you help a fellow woman in her entrepreneurial journey (i.e. support a woman owned business in-person or online, hire a fellow entrepreneur for their full value, share a resource or useful information, become someone's accountability partner, attend their pop-up shop, support their book or product launch, help them dream bigger, etc) post the image on your social media platform and tag @ofb100 and use the hashtag #PushHerFurther and we will report, regram, and share your sisterly goodness with the world!

2. Book your #PusherHerFurther event at Open For Business (www.OpenForBusiness.Space) - help us add to 100 days of 100 ways of pushing women further in entrepreneurism. 

3. Commit to creating news ways to open doors not just for yourself but for women in business, #PushHerFurther is bigger than just you.

4. Become a member at Open For Business (www.OpenForBusiness.Space) and surround yourself around like-minded women that can help you take your business to the next level in a collaborative environment.

5. Sign up for our mailing list at www.OpenForBusiness.Space so you can stay abreast of all the events, talks, projects we are doing over the next 100 days. 

6. Purchase our #PushHerFurther apparel to spread the message of this very important mission 

Click here to purchase - https://teespring.com/pushherfurther



About Open For Business:

Open For Business  is Atlanta's first co-working space dedicated to ambitious women business owners and start ups. Whether you’re just starting a business of your own, in need of a collaborative work environment, or working remotely for a company, Open For Business provides women of all ages and backgrounds a space to work and a community full of like-minded women.  For more information visit www.OpenForBusiness.Space

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